Welcome to 1000 PIP CLUB

Dear Members,

Welcome to the  1000 Pip Club. Since August 2009, we’ve been working non-stop to bring you additional learning resources as well as improved versions of existing training materials. Our mission is to continuously improve, facilitate and expedite your learning experience, as well as to position the 1000 Pip Club as a leader in Forex education.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our training courses, "KPC Cadet" and “KPC Pro”.  KPC Cadet is the term we use to describe the intermediate level training course and KPC Pro is the term to describe the advanced program. This distinguishes it from the KPC Basic program that is now available on the “Free” site.

As a member of the Pro/Cadet program, you’ll have carte blanche access to both training courses and all resources. We hope you’ll take advantage of these resources and continue to hone your trading skills with us. You’ll be seeing more materials, changes and additions in the near future as we are continually developing new materials for your Forex journey.

Here are some highlights:

Syllabus: This is the foundation of our entire training program. The syllabus is designed to guide students through the complete training program, step-by-step, using the appropriate gradient every step of the way. This program includes videos, articles, chart studies, and assignments…all sequenced in the proper order to provide the best possible learning experience.

Videos: Training videos are delivered to you via multiple formats. All of the original forty archived classes, the various Market Reviews, Special Training classes, and Weekly classes continue to be available in their entirety. However, we've completed an exhaustive process to extract segments of these videos as they apply to specific subjects. This will expedite your learning process as you can quickly access the exact clip that you need. 

Chart Studies: One of the most exciting learning resources of the 1000 Pip Club is our format for reviewing chart studies.  You will find a list of more than 40 charts that have been refreshed, brightened and placed in a format that allows you to read the explanation side by side with the actual chart(s). These charts were all developed by Jeff and provide endless learning opportunities.  We'll be adding more and more of these chart studies as the market presents learning opportunities.

Forexpedia: Over the years, Jeff has written (and continues to write) a number of articles, explanations, and alerts; a collection of timeless insight and knowledge of the Forex. 

In the past, these gems were generally posted on the boards and therefore, lost amid the thousands of other messages.  These are now all housed together for easy access in the new “Forexpedia” where we will be maintaining all of our documents. You’ll be able to quickly locate documents or knowledge sources via the Table of Contents or via a search on terms.

Jeff is also a well respected author who frequently contributes articles, analyses and opinions on FXStreet.com, one of the most respected Forex news sites.  You will find his FXStreet articles on Forexpedia.

Forexionary: One of the fundamentals of learning is access to the appropriate dictionary.  This is especially true for learning the Forex and 1000 Pip Club methodology considering the volume of terms we use that are proprietary to 1000 Pip Club.  Forexionary is our repository of terms and definitions. You’ll find definitions for our proprietary terms… right alongside those for traditional terms like “margin” and “carry trade”.

Forum: We’ve added a number of forums that are very easy to use and will allow you to more easily locate posts and messages. Take a moment and test out this resource by posting any thoughts or suggestions you have on the new site, current market movements or questions on our programs.

Advanced Search Feature: On the front pages of the Forexionary, the Forexpedia, and the Forum, you will find a “search” function. This will allow you to search the entire site for specific terms, regardless of the location of the resource. For instance, if you type in “Resistance”, you will receive a list of resources that contain references to this term, including Forexpedia articles, Forum posts and Forexionary definitions.

As you use these resources, please help us to continually improve the quality of our materials and resources. Notify us of any additions, corrections, or suggestions for improvement in the “Corrections and Suggestions” forum.

In the future, you’ll see articles and updates from Jeff and others in this space. So remember to check back here frequently for updates.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the 1000 Pip Club experience. We encourage you to take full advantage of the site by following the forums, studying the materials, and checking for updates here.  

Thank you for your membership and participation in, as well as your continued support of, 1000 Pip Club.


Jeff, Demme, & Chris

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